• 1 Wide Medium 22-28 Freedom No-Pull Harness ONLY Available in 18 Colors Direct from Inventor IMLEVQSYJ

This listing is for the Medium Harness ONLY and does NOT include the leash. The 4-configuration training leash may be purchased separately. If you would like to purchase the harness and leash together select listings that state “training package” or “harness and leash”.Sizing: The Medium is 22-28 around and will fit a girth of 22 - 27. Please take an exact measurement of your dog's girth. Use a soft tape measure or something soft and flexible. Start behind the left front leg. Go under the belly and behind the right front leg. Go over the shoulder blades till you meet the tape measure. You are making a circle around the girth of your dog.US Patent: 7,165,511 Freedom No Pull Humane Training & Communication Harness with luxurious Velvet Lining on the girth/belly strap. Designed and Patented by Jessica MacDonald seller ID Purchase Direct from the Designer & Inventor of The Freedom No-Pull Harness.. Made in the USA.The Freedom Harness is available in 18 beautiful colors and 6 sizes. 5/8“ Wide XSM (Girth 15”-20”), 5/8” Wide SM (Girth 18” - 24”), 5/8” Wide MD (Girth 22” - 28”), 1” Wide MD (Girth 22” - 28”), 1” Wide LG (Girth 26” - 32”), 1” Wide XLG (girth 30” - 38”), 1” Wide 2XLG (girth 34”-44”).The Freedom No Pull Harness features a chewing warranty. The harness can be machine washed on gentle cycle in a garment bag or hand washed. Line Dry ONLY. Please note that similar to any fabric, bright/richly colored fabrics may bleed or fade slightly over time and when wet.

Size MD 1 will fit 22-28 chest, approx weight 35lb - 50lb.. Please take a girth/circumference of chest measurement. US Patent: 7,165,511 Jessica MacDonald designed and patented the Freedom No-Pull Harness and owns the registered trademark Wiggles, Wags, & Whiskers and co-owns USA Dog Shop. To purchase direct from Jessica please select seller ID Inventor & Patent Owner of the Freedom No-Pull Harness. The Freedom No-Pull Harness is endorsed worldwide by Trainers, Vets, Adoption Groups, and most recently seen on the hit training show It's Me or the Dog, by Victoria Stilwell on Animal Planet.The unique patented harness design minimizes/eliminates pulling, neck strain, and the chance of escape. The Freedom harness was the first harness on the market to integrate the Martingale style tightening loop into a harness. Additionally, this was the first harness design to incorporate a two point connection for maximum control.The harness is extremely effective for training and minimizes the effect of pulling for several reasons: (1) tightening effect of the loop on the harness, (2) the location of the loop, (3) the reconfigurable design that allows you to attach to only the back or to the front and back of the harness simultaneously.The Patented Tensioning Loop:The patented tensioning loop located behind the dog's neck on the FREEDOM No-Pull Harness is designed to gently tighten around the dog's chest as the dog pulls. The harness does not work from creating pain instead the harness works with the dog in a very natural manner. As the dog pulls the harness tightens around the structure of the dog. When the dog stops pulling the harness provides immediate positive feedback by releasing the slight tension. The loop on the harness will not hurt or injure the dog as it has a limitation on how much it can tighten. Sizing: XSM-Chest 14-20, SM-Chest 18-24, MD-Chest 22-28, LG-Chest 26-32, XLG-Chest 30-38, 2XLG-Chest 36-44.

1 Wide Medium 22-28 Freedom No-Pull Harness ONLY Available in 18 Colors Direct from Inventor IMLEVQSYJ

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1 Wide Medium 22-28 Freedom No-Pull Harness ONLY Available in 18 Colors Direct from Inventor IMLEVQSYJ

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